I decided to beef up my Epiphone G-310 SG.

I am having trouble choosing what pick-ups to use. I will be roughting out another hole to put a single pick-up in there so It will be a H-S-H set up. I will be replacing all the pick ups in it now.

For the Single coil I've pretty much made up my mind on getting the DiMarzio DP217 YJM pick-ups. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...ckup?sku=302124 . Shown there.

I'm not too sure on the two humbuckers. I want to have an nice distortion Humbucker in the bridge (one that can be good for solos too), and I have no clue for that one. Maybe a Seymore Duncan Dimebucker?

But for the neck I was thinking about either the DiMarzio Humbucker From Hell of the Dimarzio FRED Humbucker.

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...ckup?sku=302360 (FRED)
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...Hell?sku=302420 (Humbucker From Hell)

I want to set this up so the guitar can play almost any genre, but I have got to have one that leans well into metal though. I have read that the YJM has a good clean, and that is something that I want. Please help me out with any opinion you have cause there are too many for me to choose from right now.
Humbucker from hell simulates a single coil sound. And that's gay.
I suggest the Fred in the Neck and a Tone Zone in the bridge. Tone Zone is relatively hot, fat, quite versatile and sound great!
Your thinking about putting over 200 dollars into your low end epiphone?? Youre really going to regret this if you go through with it. G-310's have horrible playablity, believe me ive tested a few out. Spending that much money to upgrade a starter guitar is just absurd. Think about selling it and getting a better axe that plays better. For how much money youd saved from going into your g-310, and if you sold your guitar along with that would be enough to get something at least decent. You could get something like a schecter damien or something that would play worlds better than your g-310.

But besides all that what kind of amp do you have and what kind of music do you play, that has alot to do with your pickup/guitar choices. Also what kind of sound do you want from it, like heavy stuff or punk...etc.
Its Only $160 worth of stuff and I like my g-310. It was my first electric and I dont want to get rid of it so I am going to beef It up. I think mine plays realy good so.

I play all over the rock spectrum and I will be getting a line 6 spider II stack here soon. I want to build this one up for now. Its not like I can never switch out these into one of my other guitars any ways.
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And Whats the difference between An F space and a regular?

You use F-Spaced if your guitar has A tremelo arm, regular if it doesn't. So in your case you'd want a regular one
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if you really think that your G-310 plays well then you must not know very much about guitars....they have horrible playibility, no matter what you say, and so what if it's your first guitar? You'll be more happy buying a new guitar than "beefing up" your G-310, TRUST ME.
And your getting a Line 6 spider II half stack? Well...then your "beefed up" G-310 should go perfectly with that. You should really look in to learning more about different guitars and amps, like read some of the "how to choose an amp/guitar threads". Or you could always kill yourself.
^^ LOL
I suppose changing the pickups would help, put I wouldnt spend so much on them.
Try looking at these pickups, much cheaper.
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