so, i've been looking at acoustic/electrics
but im also short on cash
so i would like to know if anybody knows about any good acoustic/electrics, that are under, say, $350?
much appreciated
yeah, i've got gear too...
squier strat
squier tele
Ibanez rg4ex
Boss DS-1
Morely Bad Horsie Wah
Digitech Hot Head
Boss GE-7
Zoom G1X
Mesa Boogie 5:50 Express
Vox AD50vt
id advise not to go with an acoustic-electric, because your gonna have to pay alot more $$$ for an acoustic-electric that sounds good unplugged also, than you would for just and acoustic.

Basicly, you could get alot more for you money if you scratch the whole electric part.

I ended up doing that the last time i purchased an acoustic guitar.

Hope this helps