This was recorded with a computer mic, and doesn't have any lyrics but i thought i'd put up here for the crits, what to change and all since yous are the experts haha. There is no set solo for it so whenever we play it i just sort of improv it, sometimes it's decent other times not so.


It's the only song on there. Now my question is this, I we made this song completely on ot own, but after showing it to other people we got the comment that it sounds a little to much like Hotel California, in the long run is that a bad thing? Now I understand Hotel California is a much better song than ours but they have a similar sound to them I guess.
thats what i was wondering, even though the picking sounds the same is it alright since they are different chords and other parts of the song are different?

I mean I really like where our song is going and i hate to stop if it would be considered copying. I mean I came up with it and didnt even realise it sounded like Hotel California until someone pointed it out, I guess it could be posible that since i know how to play hotel california that it was in the back of my mind when i was making our stuff up and didnt even realise it.
your song isn't going anywhere. you need to take some chords, put them together, utilize some vocal chords, and GET SOMEONES ATTENTION. not just jam out on a guitar playing something similar to a classic song.
Well, thats pretty much how we come up with our stuff, we jam for like 2 or 3 hours and when we find something that sounds cool we work with it. I'll take that home with me and work with it and then take it back the next time or sometimes it works the other way around. But either way it's not like we were intentionally trying to jam out on a guitar to a classic song, it came along in the proccess i described. And we are working on the vocals, except i don't have any input on them because to be honest my vocal chords are **** The only thing I can do with that is just throw in ideas for lyrics which i have done. Thanks for the crit man, but we're still gonna stick with it for a while and if it does end up going nowhere, well then we'll have a song that went nowhere but it's worth a try.
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Hmm im listening to your stuff dude. Im digging it. Yeh it does sound a bit like Hotel California. Especially the intro. But the rest sounds fine.
Dont let that bother you.

I like the chorus. Get some vocals on there man. Hmm... i like the part where the distortion kicks in. Whos playing lead?

Lol what are those voices in the end :P

Edit: Btw i fixed the link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=382085
...i hate shakus-spear ....
I'm the one playing all the guitar on it. The voices you hear at the end is the drummer telling me he stopped at the one part anf then going arrrrrrg, and then me just randomly dropping an f bomb