First off, i'm sorry if this has been done before, but i searched for a thread like this and i couldn't find it. Anyways, my bandmates and I have been together for some time and we feel like we can start gigging. However, we don't know how to approach the task of getting gigs. so if you could give us any tips or pointers on getting gigs, that'd be great. Thanks>
Call up the local bars, talk to local bands and see if they have shows and need extra bands, start to make connections. Talk to local vfws ect. just ask around.
yeah, i have the same problem with my band, but thanks for the help chaos man
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What I usually do is call up a bar or some venue and see what slots they have and have them book us, and then find another band to share the bill with.
just arrive anywhere, uninvited, and play really loud music in everyone's face.
Get to know other bands aswell... I find that my band makes quite a few gigs just from being friends with other bands in my area. Such as supporting acts and if they need to cancel quickly or something.
Ring up as many bars, clubs, pubs, youth groups etc. as you possibly can. Make sure you're polite, but assertive. Having a demo tape may be an idea too, although it's not always nessecary.
Befriend other bands; they could try and slip a good word in for you at certain venues, or have you as a support or whatever.
Figure out where are having band nights, when, and sign up for as many of them as possible, as soon as you can.
Lastly, you could always do your own gigs. Hire a hall out, and get a slew of other bands to play with you, advertise like a crazy motherfucker and share the profits.
My advice is to go around to your local cafe's open mics and start playing your songs. My band has gotten a ton of gigs from people hearing us at open mics.
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