recently i bought an ibanez grg 170dx, and everything was fine until this morning. i found the back of the tremolo bridge resting on the body, do i need to buy a new bridge, or can i fix this somehow?
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you're going to have to explain that a bit better. from what you said so far, it sounds like the springs in the back of the guitar need to be tightened or loosened. open it up with a screwdriver and u can adjust everything until its back to the way you want it.
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No, you dont need a new bridge. The springs in the back of the guitar are too tight. Theres 2 screws you can loosten to fix your problem. I'll try and find a picture to help...

You see those two screws on the right? Loosten those a little bit untill the bridge is parallel with the body of the guitar. That should do the trick.
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