I put a thread on here a day or two ago called "part of a solo". This is basically that run except it is in the context that I am working on. However, I am stuck on where to go with this solo, so any ideas/suggestions welcome.

PS. I can't play this up to this speed yet, so please don't post, "wow you can play fast".
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Very good, I like it alot. Only thing I can see that doesn't sound good is when the third measure changes to the fourth. Fix that, and It'll be great.
How do you post PowerTab files on this forum?
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How do you post PowerTab files on this forum?

It's real easy. First, you have to put the powertab files in a zip folder (if you don't know how to make a zip folder, just right click on the desktop and choose New: Compressed Folder). Then just attach the zip folder to your post.
Ok thanks xgrindcorex I changed the change-over between measures 3 and 4, it sounds a bit better now.

Here is the new version:
nice solo. it flows well. but it would flow better if it was divided into 4/4 time. All of your licks are cool so there is nothing i would change there, so just fix it up so its in 4/4. Thanks for critting mine btw
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Your measures don't work out right and it's kind of boring. It's just straight 16th notes. Change it up.