I Just got my KFK set (emg85/eg81 PA-2 gain booster) and I would like to wire it differently than in any of the diagrams on the website or in the box.

I would like to wire Independent volume (Neck) / Independent volume (Bridge) / Master Tone / PA-2. (no toggle) I would like the PA-2 to boost both pickups.

I have a schecter c-1XXX and a couple of questions.

1) can I use the vol/tone/capacitor set 1 from the KFK set and one of the ORIGINAL volume pots?
If not can I split apart the second set of pots that came with the KFK and use the volume from that?

2) the vol/tone set has a capacitor soldiered between it. Is this the only capacitor I need or for the second volume would I have to have a capacitor in between it and the first volume, or it and the tone pot?

3) where do I wire everything?

Thank you,

I could also wire master volume / master tone / 3-way toggle / PA-2 if that's easier

Schecter C-1 XXX / Kerry King 85/81
Ibanez ??? (forgot series) EMG 81/81 Lockers/OG Floyd rose
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