First things first, I know that it's a bad idea and most will be trying to discourage me from doing it but just hear me out. I've got an edgePro and i want to put it into my strat but that would mean that i would have to drill some holes and take out some wood. Now, most likely if I do get serious about this I will take it to a professional adn have them do it becuase while i have did everything else to it myself that would be going to freakin' far. But here's my question if I wanted to couldn't i just take out one of the springs in the back of my guitar and get locking tuners or a locking nut?

Do locking tuners work good? Does anyone have them? What would you recomend?

Second, and i'll probably make another thread for this later but I found this old Cort guitar in my dads closet and it's really beat up but it has emgs in it and i want to fix it but i don't know the wiring of active pickups. Does anyone that knows about active pickups or have active pickup think that they can help me?


I could really use some ideas.


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Could you just take out a spring? I guess, but unless the bridge is tilted way back I don't see the point. I also don't see what that and/or locking tuners have to do with anything. I do have a set of Planet Waves locking tuners in my guitar, and I think they'd be just fine with a trem as long as you had a properly cut graphite nut in there. Get rid of the stock plastic nut for sure though.
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