hey guys and gals
i was thinking about all of these sites that you can buy guitar stuff online
do you trust them?
how do you know if what you're spending a butt-load of money on is really as good as its advertised for?
just wondering
and thoughts/ comments are welcome
yeah, i've got gear too...
squier strat
squier tele
Ibanez rg4ex
Boss DS-1
Morely Bad Horsie Wah
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Vox AD50vt
i got my epi sg last week from musicians friend it took 3 business days and when i got the box it was perfect. the only problem is the fact that the shippers ring your doorbell and run pissed me off cause i thought it was some prick playing dingdong ditch so my guitar was outside for another half hour
I also have been very happy in my dealings with Musician's Friend.
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Anyone ever order from Keeley's website? I'm probably going to pretty soon and just want to make sure they're reliable.