So has anybody tried a Peavey Valveking?
They are pretty cheap and seam to be able to pull off high gain stuff, I've read a review in a French magazine about them, and 600-something ? seems very cheap for an all tube, high gain amp. It seems tough to find a good alltube amp capable of soft and heavy music, without a pedal of course....

Great deal? Or does it suck donkey dick 'cos it's made in China?

Testimonials please
The amp is not made for high gain...its built for classic crunch...and IMO i dont really like them because i feel there is a lack of clarity to the tone...to muddy for my taste

The peavey classic will give you the same tonal range...only with more clarity and w/out all the muddiness that the valveking has.

you will need an overdrive or tubescreamer or some other kind of pedal to make it really high gain though.
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yes don't worry I know the Classic by heart I play on it!

I was just surprised to see a high gain all tube amp at that price, and thought that buying it would be a great deal (even though I'm not really looking for an amp at the moment)
Obviously I was wrong!
But please is someone else has something to say....
it has a bit more gain than the classic IMO (or, at least, the tone doesn't mud up or change just as early when you increase the gain).

But yeah, i prefer the classic 30 for near enough everything... if you have one, a valveking would be a step down, or a step sideways, at very, very best.

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