I bought this portable amp because I like the idea of being able to play nearly anywhere. However, I was led to believe that the Rockman would give me a boston sound. Which Rockman actually does that? Any?
I have more than a feeling that you were lied to...
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Well for what I paid, I like it. But a little disappointed that I didn't get the sound I want so bad. I know Scholz uses an X100 but I thought this amp would give me my boston sound. (sigh)
I hear the earlier runs of the Rockman were more Boston influenced in terms of sound because I swear they were made by another company. Try scoring an original off eBay..
There is no such thing as "Boston in a box" There are too many other things that were incorporated into their sound. I've gotten very very very close with my Rockman Sustainor, Rockman Stereo Chorus, and 2 EQs. I use a strat.

Rockman is awsome.