Hey this is a short improvisation in b in a kinda funky/jazz/ i dont really know what it is but I used one of the default tunes in garageband and jammed over it. This is only a rough recording using the built in mic on my emac and its basically recording there own speakers and my amp in the corner of the room so the quality isnt great. but anyway cheers for listening. Constructive comments welcomed (be nice ;()

anyway its on my purevolume (www.purevolume.com/scottishangus)

Tunes, gear and other random stuff can be found in my "UG" profile if you click my name
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wow thats good i love your phrasing(most of the time but u kinda did jsut really fast then rest, then fast, etc) terrible quality, and great tone and playing!
Great display of speed and technique in the end, but it still sounds good and well coordinated. Good job, far better than anything I could do. Was that tapping in the end?

Technical Prowess ITT.
As the other guy said, you have amazing phrasing, i love it. the speed really works well too, and its so clear and sharp, not sloppy like when a lot of people play quickly. the sound quality wasnt that bad i didnt think, at least not for the set up you are using.

its all solid so keep up the good work.

feel free to check out mine if you want: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380262

keep on rockin,
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I agree with the others, I like your other song a lot better haha, but most all of your notes were well played without fat fingering anything, that I noticed anyway. The runs were very well played. Good job man!
its actually good. but what the hell is up with beat in the backround. lol. it sounds like its gonna be elevator music and then you start shredding. lol.
and your killswitch cover is one of the best covers of them i have heard in a while. very nice.