Hey what is the best guitar amp, and why do you think so?
Give me your input.................

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I'm a fan of the JCM 800's obviously..I've never really played anything besides Marshalls, and a couple of fender's....so I'm pretty biased..
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^^ Out of the thousands of amps to choose from, you chose the mg as your favourate?
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it really depends on what kind of music your trying to play and such

for me its this way

Metal = Bogner Uberschall or Voodoo Hex
Classic Rock = Marshall TSL
Blues = Kendricks K-Spot
Clean = 63 Fender Reverb

half of these are just based on clips and not actually playing them

just to tell you about 50 people will probally call this a stupid thread
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this is a stupid thread.

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i myself would go for a marshall mg or a vox valvetronix for home practice

this is a stupid reply, unless you're being sarcastic.

Out of what I've tried, I'd say Engl SE (or savage se), but that's heavily biased in terms of the type of music I play (i.e. a little of everything, so my ideal amp has to cover a lot of ground, until I can afford about 10 different high quality amps). It's also heavily biased in terms of personal preference.

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^^ Out of the thousands of amps to choose from, you chose the mg as your favourate?

yeah i'm a n00b........and am skint
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Classic Rock-Marshall or Fender
^lucky (for not being a 14 year old and for living near Rondo Music)

EDIT: that was for Gutch
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You dont need to own all of your favorite amps. I dont and im sure not too many people actually do. I acquire amps based on my style. Also, nobody said amps were cheap...take a look at Mesa amps...those heads go for more than most guitars (that includes some PRS's and Les Pauls)
me personally with my very biased opinion, i love my fender twin reverb. second to none cleans and, with the right pedals, can cover most of the music i play.
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easily. Can i get someone to second it?
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Which is the best pick for the price the mg250dfx or the mg100dfx?

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