i tried to get a pic but i dont know how.....but anyway does anyone have any first hand knowlage of thes guitars,they look super cool but i was wondering how they play.
What is it with Fender? Ford Motors and Fender are in cahoots together. Ford/Fender : Mustang/Bronco/Toronado.... I'm sure there's more. I must be a genious to see this. YES!
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i just bought a fender toronado gt and i'm very happy with it. It's well made for a korean guitar. The humbuckers are seymour duncan. i can get tons of diferent sounds from it. The cleans are amazing. When i was deciding which guitar to buy i liked the toronado very much. The neck is bolt on. it has a good sustain. it should be better when i'm going to do a setup on it. (on a shop)
Its great for grunge, blues, hard rock.....

Fender did a good job. This guitar should be better than most epiphones.
fender has an highway 1 toronado. that toronado is the upgraded model (the one with les paul style bridge) but that guitar doesnt have seymour duncans and i dont know what and how are the pickups. the first toronados with big pickguards have some bad rviews but the upgraded model with the les paul style bridge should be better.
i asked the guy at heid music what guitars are similar to sgs and he said fender tornado. i tried it out and like it alot. if only it had a whammy bar. heres more pics.


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Th main reason why i bought the toronado was that it is very similar to gibsons but with that fender touch and durability. toronados don't have set necks so i dont have to worry with damadging the neck. Toronado is also a very simple guitar.

The only problems that i have exerinced with the toronado wasthat it didnt have any bag or maintenace manual. The bridge height was bad so the fatter strings rub against the arm, but a setup made by a proffessional would solve the problem.

The arm is great.

I believe that this guitar has a future.
yea i was checking them out a while ago. The Blue and Red are the best finishes. as Superbadyboy said above, this is the guitar of the future and I plan on buying one once after I buy the others things in my cart.
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I don't mean to hijack your thread, but if I replaced those pups with the Seymour Duncan humbucker-sized P-90's, how would it sound?
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What is it with Fender? Ford Motors and Fender are in cahoots together. Ford/Fender : Mustang/Bronco/Toronado.... I'm sure there's more. I must be a genious to see this. YES!

Oldsmobile Toronado

BTW, the Fender Toro is a good looking chunk of wood. I was surprised with Fender, normally their designs are a little odd (besides the tele and strat).
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I have an older Toronado [from the early-mid 90's] and I've had it for 2 1/2 years. It's a good guitar and it sounds good with certain types of music. It sounds great for jazz, ska, or some lighter/poppier rock. But when it comes to playing heavier stuff, it's poppy sound is kind of irritating. So if you're looking to play jazz or ska or something like that, it's a great guitar. But if you're into heavier stuff, I would say don't get it.