im looking for a cheap guitar ($500 at most) that is pretty light can anyone help me out? i just bought an esp ex-150 and its really heavy so i was just wandering if anyone knows of a decent guitar like this?
i just bought a yamaha rgx-a2 and i only paid 750 for it and it is super light weight you should check it out
wrong forum, this belongs in the electric gutiar forum... try there, your bound to get more help

an MIM strat would be good
What's the cheapest guitar that comes left handed? I'm right handed, but i want to learn to play left handed, just for fun.
Get a Squier Stratocaster...it's way lighter than mine.
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Try a Washburn WI64 Idol or the Deluxe model. It's all mahogany, and it weighs about the same as my Fender Strat. It also sounds great too. Music123.com sells them for between $360 and $419.
i have a ibanez gio grg 170 DX also and its pretty light but i dont really like the tremolo so if you could point out a non trem guitar that would help
Less than $500? Ibanez S series. S470 or S520 are both real light and great playing guitars.

Semi hollow Tele?
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an sg is goof for lightness. not thee lightest, but still good.
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How could an EX150 be heavy? It's agathis ffs!

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One of those weird balsa-ish yamahas (the white ipod lookin ones)
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I would suggest going witha good old fashioned Fender Standard Strat. (assuming it could handle your style of music)

If you need a more heavy sound, maybe a Fat Strat or an Ibanez.
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