Right i have a small 25 watt practice amp and a larger i assum about 50 watts amp. I want to build a new casing and use the smaller amp as a tweeter on the larger.
What do i need to take into consideration as far as powering goes and ohms and watts and other such technicallities.
Please help me oh wise UG-ers.

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I did the same thing (a tree crushed my aunts car, so I took some speakers out of that, and took 2 other practice amps and put them together), and all I did was solder all the speakers together, and took the head-peice to a practice amp and soldered it to one of the amps. Granted, its having TONS of problems....

But it kinda works. Fiddle around with it
...and Im sure that doesnt answer your question, but its a story
the fact it'll blow as soon as you plug it in because it's not got the power handling. plus tweeters are <1" to 5"ish, not the usual 8" or 10" in practice amps
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