Is there anyway to add some extra tubes in the preamp, or the poweramp in a hybrid amp?
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Probably but you have to no a lot about what you're doing...and even if you could it probably wouldn't be worth it...so....no
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so are there any mods i can do make a hybrid amp sound more like a tube amp?
or sound better?
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so are there any mods i can do make a hybrid amp sound more like a tube amp?
or sound better?

Not really unless you know what you're doing

if you're looking for something to do over the summer try one of these as far as amps go: http://ax84.com/ (small 8W class-A tube amps)

or build a pedal (which usually doesn't have voltages that kill you inside it)
there is actually a way to add tubes to a circuit, but if you need to ask how to do it, then you shouldn't.

yes, there are ways to mod circuits. I've heard of things like tube rectifier mods (which I might be doing soon for my fender blues JR).

anyways, to reiterate what everyone else is saying, no, don't do anything to change your hybrid into a full tube. you'll probably fook things up.
What you'd essentially have to do is analyse each circuit in the amp, and compare it to the relevant circuit in a tube amp, and then see where another tube could be used.

That would be the easy part.
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buy a tube preamp.

Sereously tho- don't even think about just adding a tube in yer amp 'cos they use compleley different amounts of power and your power supply probbably wouldn't work. I'm just guessing but i think that's true.

I'm sure that you could find a proffesional to do it for you but it's probbably not worth it if you have a **** amp

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you need to know your amp, curcut, and generall audio electrical theory so intimtily you fap to dream shematics before you can even concider trying that.

But hey, it's your amp, and your skin/heart/brain. Go ahead and play with fire.. <_< Don't say we didn't warn you!