Okay this didn't bother me until I wanted to play "I'm Alright" by Neil Zaza, I have a dead fret on my guitar.

I don't know what to do, I tried messing around with the saddle and bridge (Raise and lower the action and shorten and lengthen the saddle) but that didn't seem to work. It's a really high octave B(19th fret on the high e string) but when I play it I get a C. What's up with that.

Oh when I messed with the saddle I didn't really know what I was doing, could I made matters worse, it sounds okay to me but could I also have caused an intonation problem? The notes on the high end of the neck are kinda flat.

So I guess I kinda have two questions; How can I get rid of that dead fret, and did I screw up my intonation of my guitar (note: it sounds okay to me I just get a little paranoid sometimes)

Thanks in advance
take it to shop get it fixed is my recommendation, unless u are experienced or taken lessons on this stuff lol

Im Alright is a great song, playing it now
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