I know the timing is very off because i still haven't mastered singing and playing at the same time (This was recorded live except the solos) ... I did it all in one take so its not absolutely perfect

and yeah the mic went crazy for a few seconds so i had to cut a 1-2 second segment and its a bit choppy at that part.
please judge my voice and solos
its ok,your voice seems really bland and boring,get into it more,and also you sound more like you are talking than singing.
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Turn the mic down a little, move farther away from it, eliminate any shame of people hearing you sing and sing LOUDER. When you sing softly and "timidly" you'll lose a lot of power, control, clarity, and expression in your voice. It also sounds very airy like you're trying to put a baby to sleep. Also, when you attempt to sing louder, don't eat the mic otherwise you'll get some nasty volume peaks. It's hard putting feeling into your playing AND singing at the same time, just practice if you want to get better.
everything was out of tune and off-beat, but it was a pretty good attempt.

I thought it was pretty decent.
Good attempt, you are out of tune though. There is no excuse for an out of tune guitar on a recording :P.

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the guitar is out of tune, and ive found this hard sing also, i can tell your really holding back on vocals, let your voice expand, dont sing from your throat a little worked needed
Quote by Mike1109
Good attempt, you are out of tune though. There is no excuse for an out of tune guitar on a recording :P.

yeah that was the first thing i noticed, and your tryin to sing like garth brooks or something
Not bad. the fact that you played and sang at the same impresses me. but the vocals lacked expression. you need to put more into them. sing louder too.
Nice , but I think you can do it better. Sing louder . The guitar was seemed perfect to me .
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i agree with what everyone else has said, i reckon you could add some realy decent Vox if you re-recorded it when you felt more comfortable, nice job! Check out my JJ cover if you have a min