I'm currently taking guitar lessons, and I think my teacher is pretty good. I've been with him for a few months i think, and basically we have just been learning songs that I wanted to and that were challenging, some rhythmically and some tempo and whatever. I am starting to want to learn about music theory and scales and that stuff because i think it will help me in the long run. We have worked on some scales in my lessons but not a lot. Basically, my question is should I bring him stuff to work on with theory or just tell him I want to start learning about music theory? I'm not really sure how to go about this.
Look up something you want to know about and ask him. You can't just ask to learn about theory in general, its too vague. Ask to learn to read read music, or how to improv or things like that. Chordal structure, blah blah blah. Pick out something you feel you should know and hone in on it with him.
i would say that the basic parts of music theory you could certainly learn yourself....but as it gets more complex ask him. Also when learning dont cut your actual guitar playing out tooo much...good luck and rock on
Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll look into some of that stuff. What other things do you think I should be learning about at lessons?
tell him you want to learn theory. and if hes really good hell teach you.
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OK thanks guys for the feedback. I'll just tell him I want to start learning about music theory and stuff and we'll see what happens. And I would say I'm about intermediate skill level, not bad, not great.