Has anyone played the ESP M400? If I remember correctly, it was introduced just this year. I've played an older MH-300 and a Viper 50, but that is the extend of my ESP experience. If you could, could you describe how well it plays, and all that stuff? I've tried looking for some reviews on it but I couldn't find anything that really helped me much. It seems like a great deal for only 600 dollars.
I just recently got the MH400 which is similar to the M400, but I like it better. One thing I like better is the finish which is see through blue quilted top vs. the black on the M400. The trem also stays in tne very well, but I haven't used the M400 yet. Plus I like the 85 as a rhythm pickups better than the 81. If you can't afford the MH then just go with the M either way you won't be dissapointed.
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