it would just feel nice playing my own pedal, and also, ive heard about custom amps... whats that?
a custom amp is amp amp that's been build (by yourself or a shop) to your exact specifications.

if you want a beginner pedal, try the big muff, the schematics are not hard to find on the net.

but again, if you don't know anything about electronics and you never soldered before, your first project is doomed. My first pedal i tried was the big muff, it looked like crap and had bad connections in it. the second project acustom made ring modulator looked ok, made a nice circuit board for it and it sounded good. But, before i got to put it in it's case i accidently dropped something on it and it broke. i still haven't repaired it, one of these days maybe (or maybe not :p).
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