Does anyone have any suggestions on how to increase the clarity of notes with distortion. Like playing a riff in distortion, but so the notes don't continue to ring and it doesn't sound like a big mess.
I do a lot of direct recording with my POD XT. My technique is relatively built up for that kind of thing, it's just I don't get tat smooth sound that I really want.
The type of distortion and type of amp (in your case the amp model you use). I've noticed with a lot of modeling products (Line 6 POD, many multi-effects pedals) that their distortion sounds like it is laid ontop of your guitar noise... so like instead of "changing" your guitars sound, it only masks it, creating a big fuzzy mess of bullkrap.
Perhaps palm muting could help.

EDIT: Light Palm Muting.
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I like how I baked cookies described it....modellers an their own (like the POD) have a fairly poor tone....especially the distortion, which is more like a buzz than a heavy distortion.

There really isn't much you can do. Get a better setup. Or EQ the modeller more...maybe a different model....do not scoop your mids!
no matter the equipment you must learn to let only the desired notes ring thru fret and pick hand positioning
Zoom make pretty nice multi-effect pedals
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Zoom make pretty nice multi-effect pedals

That's great, but that doesn't really have anything to do with anything.
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Zoom make pretty nice multi-effect pedals

1. not really
2. that was random
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