He used standard Gibson PAFs on a 59 Les Paul, which were later modded by Seymour Duncan. You can get exact replicas of the modded ones for about.. 150 american each (expensive) and get his later tone.

Or try the Seymour Duncan 59 Set, costs about 120 for both, exact (though perfected.. not as random winding) replica of a 59.
But unless you have a Plexi you won't get 100% of his tone
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No, but when people ask "What pickup for this tone" it's usually best to just shut up about fingers and amps and just.. let them search out the amp.
Pearly Gates is the modern equivalent to Page's pickups. He had some interesting wiring done and his neck pickup was hotter than the bridge so it may take a clever guitar tech to get it right. And a bit of money too, maybe a couple hundred for all the wiring and pickup swap.
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blackdog humbucker by bareknuckle might work too
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+1 Blackdog but oh man, the price...
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.