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they suck....( and dont say it to be funny)
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theyre ok..but they need some editing
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theyre good
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theyre awesome
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..well this song is not named yet cuaz im still working on the melody but...the lyrics are:

we used to be close...before u met him..i didnt know you wuld have kept him.

.why'd you leave..there was no need..now you see u shuld have stayed with me

why did u leave me..and cause.. this chaos ...that we see...now you see you should have stayed with me. (this part is supposed to be teh same as the part before lol..just if ure wondering)

chorus: roses are red..and violets are blue..it just so happens thta you're here too
why are you mad..no need to sue..its all good cuz im with you!...

theres more..but im kinda lazy lolwait till teh song gets all done and check this website...http://www.purevolume.com/sustainingdilemma
Anyone play gunbound? then add johnny93

....you must tap into: THE FORCE!
....or: THE FORCE! will leave you
....then, you will no longer have: THE FORCE!
mate i dont think ure allowed to use polls in this place. On you lyrics however, they seem to need a fair bit of work. It seems at teh moment you only have a verse and a chorus. Sorry they aren't very, well, good. I know, I know but "Roses are red, Violets are blue". Go look for some inspiration because to be honest at the moment this is a bit sucky, even for an in-work project. Don't give up though.

P.S. Your guitar playing could do with a bit of practice too
You need some work. Practice a little more, find some good inspiration. Read old poetry. Listen to music with good lyrics.
And maybe work on your guitar playing....a lot.
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