alright so here's a little thing I wrote the other night.... I have nothing better to do right now so I thought I'd show some people my lyrics.....Lemme know if you like or don't like anything....I'm a rookie to writing my own lyrics but this is the first time it came super easy from the pen to the pad....anyways here it is

Ya Push me down, My face into the ground
tellin' me I can't win
Cuz the world's up against me

Heaven Forbid, I'm God's only sin
Or the black on your white dress
The man standin' above the rest

Someone once told me, you won't see no glory
When ignorance is loudest
heard above all else

Now some change is good, let it carry the past
But mother said "don't get lost son
And keep up high your head"

Put my things in a bag, rolled the wheels on a dirt road
All these things I imagine
I'm left to do on my own

Cuz a fool's remark, and a turned down hand
Makes it seem like, I live among the dead
It ain't a choice left for fate, I won't throw it in the wind
I'm puttin myself in a place I haven't been

there ya go...like a said i'm new to this
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i liked that. it had a good flow to it. pretty original too.
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