I am looking for a nice half stack or combo amp. Something that has enough power to play small gigs. I would like the amp to be incredibly versatile something that has a crisp clean tone as well as great distorion. I am willing to spend about $1200 CND. Any Recommendations?
You might be lucky if you find a JCM900 High Gain/Dual Reverb stack or 2x12 on Ebay. I've seen stacks go for about $1000 USD.
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I would second the JCM900. You could probably find a stack for around that price or maybe even a JCM800 combo.

EDIT: Also maybe check out the B-52 AT-100. I would go new though because older ones had reverb problems. But retube it with some JJ's and it is a pretty nice amp for the money. This is of course if you cannot find a JCM for your price range. Pretty much the same price as the JCM may be but you will get it new and have a 5 year warranty.
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