k, im tryin to broaden my musical taste from jus rock and metal so if u could send some sound clips or suggestions of your favorite bands in any genre (preferably jazz or blues) that would be great. really all im lookin for is some great guitar playin so if u have that and its in rock or metal or anything else thats cool too.
if you want current jazz guitarists, check out Pat Metheny, or John Scofield, they're totally different mind that. If you want some old jazz, check out Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, or Charlie Parker. Also, there's my favorite current jazz group, Medeski Martin and Wood. For blues, check out B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn(im not sure if that's how you spell it), or some old Clapton.
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I hope that we could get some real metal out there. I guess A7X a start...
But nu metal does have its moments like Slipknot Mushroomhead and Korn.

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...Scales are basically the most useless thing in jazz...