so there I was. I was chilling with silentdeftone, redwingssuck, etc. (everyone on the who to listen to list), in my room, and we were just sort of jamming, having a good time, when all the sudden:

I play a ****ing Bb over a Cmaj7 chord!!! NO F*CKING JOKE

And all of the sudden, the world starting rotating backwords, and SilentDeftone nearly dies. Bangoodcharlotte is on the ground screaming in pain at this non-diatonic atrocity. Casualty01 resorted to self-mutilation. Redwingsuck's ears spontaneously combusted.

And I feel like I've betrayed myself, the people around me, and the whole world. What can I do?
for any of you pathetic "musicians" who don't know that a Bb is the b7 of C ( ), go pull off your c*ck and die in a hole, because you obviously are incompetent.
And tell me, does this thread have a point?

I hardly take offense to someone calling me incompetent when they are spammers wasting bandwidth on this site....