I was at this graduation party about a week ago and I was talking to this guy who sets up large scale A/V set ups for large corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobile, etc. He was a real boastful guy who thought he knew everything there was to know about professional A/V. I didn't think too much of him until we got into a discussion of amps. I mentioned how I thought that vintage amps were the way to go and that they produced they best sound that money could buy. I was shocked to here him say that vintage amps were **** and that amp modeling was the only way that one could get a could sound out of a guitar.

In my mind this guy was full of ****. I figure how can you get a better sound out of a model that IMITATES the real thing?

Is this guy completely wrong? Are vintage amps the way to go? or are we amp users stuck in the past?

Just for the record: This guy was full of ****.
Amp modelling still has got a long way to go before it will sound like the real thing, if it ever will.

Guitarists are just picky and we love old mecahincal stuff as opposed to digital things
and as long as there a demand for something its going to still be made so we can expect tube amps to stick around for quiet a while (and you can still buy unopened NOS tubes from the 60s so I don't think those are going to run out either)
"well it depends completely on wat sound ur lookin for"

This might be true but for every amp model there is an original sound. Where do you think all of the models came up with...the models??

Im saying, in terms of sound aand tonal quality, vintage (tube in particular) is definitely the way to go
It really depends on what kind of sound you want. If you want a nice dirty classic rock sound, stick with your vitage amps, but if you want a modern speed metal, steve vai type of sound, go with the amp modeling because you can mix and match your settings to get the tightest distortion ever imaginable. I'm kinda a freak myself because I use an amp modeling pedal and run that sound through a vintage type of amp. It's all a matter of preference though.
It all depends really, with a more organic amp you can play with the amp instead of through it. Like where Robert Moog was originaly going and like Tom Morello
"originaly going and like Tom Morello"

but didnt Morello use primarily effects, not amp models??
Steve Vai still uses tube amps (though he has some fancy Eventide effect units in his rack), and so does Tom Morello (though he only has....6 stompboxes which are all prettymuch analog except the Digitech Whammy)
Yea...sometimes people say like amp models are the same as effects. they arent. effects simply "effect" the amp model while the amp model is the sound and tone of a different amp.