I'm really anxious to see what you all think about these lyrics...

Hiding Smiles

Should a smile be hidden?
Insist theres no avoiding it.
Help me do the best in life,
Prove theres no enjoying it.

Parallels and overlaps
As the moments pass,
Funny seeing you here
When it comes down to it

I saw you in a photograph,
Looked you up just to laugh
At how things have changed
And how you both knew.

Through teeth less crooked
A difference less appealing,
Your thumb blocks the flash
And the places that you've been.
It's not bad. I like the line "Parallels and overlaps, As the moments pass." I think it explains best what the character of focus is going through. "Your thumb blocks the flash and the playces that you've been," I feel is probably the best line in the song. I think it's the most original and intriguing line in the song. Good job. Rate mine! It's called "Take Me Away."
"saw you in a photograph, Looked you up just to laugh, At how things have changed" probably my favourite lines, because it's a similar sort of thing to what i would write, so obviously im gonna like it. I like how you circle the story round a photograph, so i can see why you gave it that title. It did take me a few reads to work out some of the lines and rhythms, but overall pretty good, i'll rate it 7.5 out of 10, as there are some great lines mingled in the whole thing. Keep it up!
Crit 4 Crit? If you could do the bottom song in my signature, that would be great, as this is the only one i have put a tune to lol
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