Sit around the table for one last drink
****ing stop and start thinking before you speak
inside of those glass bottles the amber liquids are set ablaze
when they meet your lust
when they touch your lips
in my mind Im captive of a prisoner
You?ve got the only key inside my head!
Hell this amber liquid keeps me as a prisoner
It re assures me that i have no yesterday
and the bodies left on the floor shaking
what it?s done
come on and save me !!
I don?t ****ing need
Come on and save me I?m dieng becasue i?m weak
I can?t resit a gift God gave to us
So come save me
Your the only one!
from this amber Liquid
I still have the bitter taste in my mouth!
could this amber liquid be urine, perhaps...??? hmm...

This is pretty cliche... it seems like throughout the whole piece... all you do is say save me in different ways and whine about this amber liquid... it didn't have that great of flow either.... I suggest reading the lyrics tips thread a few times it helps... You do show some potential though....
Not your best, my man. Is this the one you e-mailed me? I haven't had time to look at it yet.

At any rate, it's just sort blah. Doesn't quite say what you mean, I think. The metaphor just gets kinda repeated and regurgitated, and that means it losses meaning. So write more to it, and try not to bombard us with the metaphor.

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