hey, i've got a summer job and i'm looking to get a few pedals. i want good pedals i will want to use more than just the first few weeks i own them. i'm looking at spending $300 or less and i'm looking at

visual sound jekyll and hyde--the distortion and od will be helpful now, and when i get upgrade my amp to tube i will still be able to use it (the video on visual sounds website of the guy playing a it trough a fender hot rod pretty much sold me, plus i'll prob be getting a blues jr.)

a chorus pedal--maybe a boss ce-5, ch-1, or small clone...other suggestions would be great

a delay pedal--dd-3, dd-6, or digidelay

i've also though about getting a visual sound h2o echo and chorus for the chorus and delay, but i don't know if it'll give me enough options or how good each effect will sound.

i'm not set on the jekyll and hyde, but it seems real nice, other suggestions and comments would be helpful.

i play a variety of music--modern rock, emo, pop-punk, classic rock, and some indie/alt....my current amp is a vox ad15vt, but the effects arn't really getting it done...and as i said im planning on upgrading to a small tube amp...maybe classic 30, blues jr., or traynor ycv20

comments on any of the pedals mentioned would be great, thanks
i would opt for a chorus ensemble, if nothing else it has stereo out.
and the dd6 has some extra features than the dd3 that if i were to buy the dd3 i would sorely want them
dont know about visualsound's things, but it sounds like it would be good for you
The Jekyl & Hyde is an awesome combo pedal, though it really cant do metal very well. its still incredibly versitile. You can go from a slightly dirty overdrive to a cranked Marshall tone with the press of a button, or footswitch in this case.
The h2o makes a great chorus pedal, but the delay is mediocre. Its just a basic delay, only about a second at max, but its enough to give your tone a nice change.
I'de look more into the dd-3 or dd-6 for a delay pedal. Its too bad the delay on the h2o isn't as versitile as their other stuff.
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Ive heard a jekyll and hyde played a couple of times. Its definately an awesome pedal if used right. Ive been wanting one ever since.
ok, it seems everyone likes the jekyll and hyde and what i've heard of it i've loved....so thats pretty much set. i believe i'm going to opt for seperate delay and chorus pedals, not the h2o. i've narrowed the delay pedals down to the digidelay and the dd6, the dd3 just doesn't have enough features. still not sure about the chorus pedals though. thanks for the help so far.

edit: what are the major differences between the boss ce-5 and ch-1
edit 2: i believe i'm going to get the jekyll and hyde and the dd6, and wait on the chorus pedal because the dd6 is sending me over budget if i try to buy all 3. but please continue suggesting chorus pedals b/c i still want to buy one eventually.
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