I pulled this out of the $300 thread because I'm fairly well settled on what I want, now I just need to get some solid advice on the details of purchase. Normally I'm a guy who will pay pretty much full price and I'm not a haggler. That being said, my "budget" is around $250 and I want to buy a guitar the shop has listed at $320. I would, if I had to, just suck it up and drop $320 because this is the brand I've decided on to learn based on research and going to a few stores. If anyone has seen my n00b posts in the <$300 thread or are reading this, I was trying to get an A&L GT but, well, the rest is below . . .

I am looking at a slightly-less-expensive solid top A&L (about $30 less than the GT) that has a, what do you call it, satin finish? More ordinary finish? A non-gloss finish?

In the <$300 thread the GT model is listed but not the other A&L solid top models. What is the difference between the GT and the other solid top A&L models? How is the sound different? Does one age better? Are there any structural differences? The local shop has the non-GT in stock (also a factor) and is selling it with case for $319 ($350 to order the GT w/ case), and I think he said the orange burst non-GT and some other color were $309 (I would prefer the ordinary finish, but once again they feel the same in my hands and I can't distinguish the subtle sound differences yet). I'm thinking about asking if he'll throw in a tuner or a stand or something but I'm not much of a haggler.

Maybe if I just point out that my wife is already aggravated he'll take pity on me and throw in something, but if anyone out there has experience purchasing this guitar I would love to hear it.

Any information is much appreciated, I know in this post alone there are about 15 different things going on. Also, please go easy on me, I'm a total newb and I don't even know how to play guitar yet. I just want to make a modest but good investment.

Also, sorry for the 1337-speak re: n00b, etc. I try to go easy on that stuff.