Latley i have been soloing over some blues tracks and i found out i really dont know how to approach improvisation. I know basic theory but im having trouble with it. I've seen alot of people on this website who post awesome improvs and i would appreciate it if some of you could give me some help on how to approach and play cool improvistaions, specificaly over blues tracks. thanks.
Play alot and listen to yourself. Find out what works and what doesn't, and do the same with other musicians. Don't learn their solos note for note, listen for the styles.
thanks for that article, it helped alot. the other thing i forgot to say before. i keep running into dead ends, i stop my lick before the chord changes because i hit the root to early. any hellp with this?
Really just a sense of timing. Listen to everything around you. Know the progression well.
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Sure you can just play whatever...or you can study the theory. if you play blues, listen to a **** load of blues. those guys use the pentatonic and blues scales. those are what are used to solo primarily