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eating tunafish
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Landmines and Tripwires

Ive become a broken tread gliding
over landmines and trip wires.
Hoping to step my way over the radiating
destiny from the starless sky
covered by clouds and moisture's lies.
And with crashing waters and ravenous tides
stifiled by forceful failures and arguments belide
I'm silenced, now stricken, with the constraints of religion.

Harbors of faces with veils of blackness
consecrating superiority from the tired deserts
And there we laid under the fatigue ridden sky,
basking in the styles of red and white giants,
and the neon glow from the symmetrical insects.
While laden with designs of perpetual emotion,
we stared at what we thought was small
and wondered if we could ever be greater.


Lust, coaxed in viridian desire,
Intimate indulgence,
Sex smells like a new car,
Progression depends,
On when you die,
A cycle of sin,
Disentomb dead presidents,
Saturate within,

My scarlet imbued hands,
Is not proof that I killed him,
For I am not the culprit,
I am the victim.

Lay your head upon the ground,
Feel your phantom ignite,
Sapphire lips, and aureate mind
Your acts are coming full circle.

I pray for deliverance,
A mere fresh start,
I ask for revival,
I really did care for you,
I know my lesson now,
Give me life?

sorry danter i used my new one... you know your piece is good :P i gotta compete
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Red :|
The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops moving when the music does.

The Hurt Within
Preserving the name...
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The second lacks focus.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
seeing double
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I guess I forgot to hit "reply" cause I thought I already posted this but alright:

I basically voted red because this...

"My scarlet imbued hands,
Is not proof that I killed him,
For I am not the culprit,
I am the victim."

...sounded like something I wish I wrote [basically because it sounds like alot of my other stuff scribbled on napkins i have lying around] and for that reason I like the red lyrics a whole lot more.

don't get me wrong though, blue, your's were awesome too
'never a victim,' the role model said,
bang-bang, the bad guy is dead,
always a rockstar on eMpty TV,
the lesson complete, now the child has needs.