i need some tips on gigging. i dont really understand what it means to "move around" do i take a few steps this way every once in a while? do i walk around? do i spread my legs apart? i'm pretty lifeless when its comes to playing in front of people, can anyone help?
jump up and down while playing, head bang, spread legs shoulder width AT ALL TIMES (when not moving) try to look at the audience alot, dont just stare at your guitar
go watch some live vids of a punk band
Basically, learn the music well. Move with it, don't be embarrased or nervous just show you're having a good time and let loose with some headbanging, jumping, making faces at people, etc. Also make sure to give a lot of eye contact.
There's no need to go really metal. Just do what comes naturally. Don't think about moving. When the time comes you'll know what to do.