Just something I wrote down. I haven't attempted to revise it at all yet.
What I'm saying is I know it's a little... sketchy.

I heard the flower slam against the road
As she threw out of the window
With a smile, and said
?I love you not?
And now I haven?t eaten in days
This sweat rushing out of my palms
Is an adhesive to my pen
Keeping me alive, keeping me within
And to be completely honest
Every word I write, good or bad
Is always about you, or something someone else has
These emotions you are feeding me
Are really starting to me make me sick
High, Low, Angry, Depressed
This absence of feeling is my brand new happiness
I hope that heart of his is worth it
You are never getting mine back
Because I dropped it around the corner
And ended up tying it to the inter-city train-track