I got the Behringer KX1200 amp 2 months ago for my electric drums for home use. I also run my mic, keyboard, guitar, and just about anything I buy that plays audio though it.


Since day one I have been getting what I think is called "white noise" when I don't have anything plugged into the amp at all but turn up line 1 and the master....(line one is the only one I use as its the only stereo and my mixer feeds to it.

I was just wondering if anyone else here has this problem as I know some here have this amp as well.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help cut back on this white noise?

I have read into this a little so far and have heard of filtering the input power with capacitors but I'm still not sure what to do with this particular amp.

Oh yea, to describe the sound I'm hearing...It's like a low frequency/level buzz.

The type you get when you play electric guitar on distortion next to your computer screen...

I was never a big fan of Behringer products, they are like Harbor freight tools...cheap. I had a mixer from them I sold as it was not built too well even for my home recording use.

But the price was right for the amp at the time so I picked it up.

Thanks for any and all info.
i have a smart III guitar amp by silver tone. its when its on overdrive it picks up radio its pretty cool. in a wierd way.
ok im in the market for a new amp now, i was told to try one of those adapterse to make a 2 prong outlet into a 3 prong grounded outlet,,,got out of the the electrical box and tried it...nothing the same

im still getting the hiss/buzz and its only after 3 seconds when the amp warms up for use.

Peavy seems to make some nice PA/keyboard amps i can get

im be using this amp for just about everything but the main thing i use the amp for is drums and there are only a few amps out there that can handle the sounds put out by electric drums.

the amp is fine...its just that annoying hiss/buzz which goes though the recordings as well...

I guess I can use headphones on the mixer for now and bypass the amp going from mixer out - mic input on the desktop
ok heres another thing I just found

I unplugged the cord from the back of the amp that went to the "Out L" on the mixer and the buzz stopped but the hiss is still there no matter what level I turn up.

further testing...I took the cord out of the mixer out port and the buzz went away so it seems my yamaha MG 10/2 mixer is causing the buzz.

this mixer is plugged in but the switch in the back is set to off.

the power cord has the transformer in it to cut back on audio noise in the mixer.

could it be I just need a better mixer?

im going to post this on my electronics board as well, maby they can help me out as well.
are u sure ur cables are ok?

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Im thinking its a ground loop issue.

some of the cables are fair, otheres are cheap that i made myself with shielded cable from allelectronics.com and cable ends from them too.

the cable from the mixer out to the #1 input on the amp is one of my DIY cables.

ill try swapping it out with another right now...those cable ends have been random for my work...some will work on my drumset, otheres wont...must be the way they are built....
ok my bad, I have been wiring my cables wrong...I normally dont make audio cables so I didn't know I had to wire the drain conductor to ground in the circuit....

ill be testing it later today.