this song is the only reason slipknot is even sort of cool. well, to me anyways...

this was one of those that took forever for me to get right. the breakdown is unbelieveably hard to learn because it's fast as crap. but i think i nailed it pretty well. i think i spent about 2.5 hours on this. it wore me out. i didn't even feel like adding effects and cleaning it up. i know i messed up a few spots and stuff but yeah...

let me know what you think. dmusic link in sig.

it is now totally redone. two versions up on dmusic: one with vox, one without. same other than that. i also left the old one up in case you wanted to compare with the new one.
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I am a slipknot fan , and I never really see anyone brave enough to post a slipknot cover on these boards, for fear of persecution and castration by UGers. For that alone, I salute you.

As far as I can tell, you played this perfectly. A bit too heavy on the low end, but nothing major.

Nice job.
Really good job. The intro to this song is to this day is still one of my favorite intros ever. Im not much of a slipknot fan but everything sounds really good. Just bring the guitar up in the mix and your fine.
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i always have a soft spot for slipknot, because they showed me the light to real metal. Playing sounds really clean, and your tones alot better then the other song i heard from u. You can hear without the proper effects it doesnt sound quite right, especially at the start with the high pictched noise, and drums maybe drown out the guitar a little too much.
yeah i'm thinking about re-doing it tomorrow or something and getting a cleaner sound out of it. i was so worn out trying to learn that breakdown i just didn't feel like messing with it anymore... lol. but maybe i'm just lazy. it could be.
ok i've completely re-done it. this time i made 2 versions one with and one without vocals. check it out and let me know what you think.
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Good job, what tuning is that?

i call it drop B though i'm sure thats not the right name for it.


or something close to that. just drop d about one and a half steps down.
nice, good job man.
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Perhaps you could make the vocals louder here and there especially in the verse

overal very nice, a video would be awesome
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Perhaps you could make the vocals louder here and there especially in the verse

overal very nice, a video would be awesome

i kinda kept the vocals low on purpose. i didn't want them to be the main focus if ya know what i mean.

and as far as video, i don't have a webcam or anything to take a video... not even a camcorder... and my digital camera doesn't have sound with it's videos. so that won't happen any time soon.
Okay but you have some pretty good vocals, the 'screaming' sounds good

And too bad about the video but hey, maybe sometime
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awesome!...slipknot is my favorite band and i have trouble learnin this song and i still cant play the intro well...great job, it sounds relle good...
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Great job, but a bad song to make a "clean" version of. This is my all time favorite Slipknot song.

well it wasn't exactly a clean version. i said effing instead of the f word and i just didn't feel like replacing the s word. and i know what you mean tho. not the best song to do a clean version lol. too many words to bleep out.
Good job man...even a better job on Ruin and Black Label. LOG rule!
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