This kinda strikes me as odd.. since electric guitars are such old technology, perhaps its how people love old style guitars and companies are more concerned with tradition.

Why aren't there any guitars with pickups that can be inserted and removed without having to solder or unscrew anything (not hard for me but time consuming and makes ya nervous). Ya know, one day you want humbuckers, the next day or even song you want single coils. unplug em.. slide em out under the strings.. slide the next one in there and bam new pickup configuration.
that sounds like a good idea.
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Sort of like having a socket for the pickup? It may have to do with body depth and construction. Maybe there just isn't enough room for a socket?

Someone does make a guitar with a sliding pickup that you can move from near the bridge to about a strat middle position.
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hmm, that does sound like a cool idea,

but how do you deal with control configuration? it really limits how you wire your pickups, unless they make standardized controls, but thats crazy talk

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Quote by ark
hmm, that does sound like a cool idea,

but how do you deal with control configuration? it really limits how you wire your pickups, unless they make standardized controls, but thats crazy talk

cmon this is 2006.. you're thinking in 1956 terms... they can do a lot with electronics beyond simple wire soldering
I'm pretty sure this is just the EMG quick-connect system. You could make modular pickups by just putting connectors on the wires from the pickups.
Gibson did it for some Guitar Centers I believe.... it was a limited run model to test pickups... apparently very simple.......... and EMGs can be modular to an extent.
PM one of UGs more experienced lutheirs. They can probably tell you. Or build a guitar around the idea .
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yeah i don't really think that is beyond our technology lol
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link doesn't work. says ebay isn't responding

The pickup can slide in & out.
yeah but the only problem with that, and by that i mean the guitar mr. hankey showed, is what else would you put in? sure, you can slide the pickup in and out, but what other pickups can you slide in? unless they make slidy pickups that i dont know about, which is a very real possibility, sliding your pickup in and out would be nothing more than a novelty.

however, if they started making more guitars like this, and therefore started making a lot more pickups you could switch between, it would be a great idea.
You got three (or four?) different pickups together with that guitar, when you bought it.

AFAIK, there are no aftermarket pickups for that guitar.
I once saw for sale, though now I can't find the link, a Gibson les Paul with the entire pickup cut out all the way through the body...pickups were then mounted on interchangeable blocks with contacts on them. The guitar therefore had interchangeable pickups....changes that took about 5 seconds to work.
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It seems like having that little convenience might cause a little bit of extra vibration that no one would want, because of the un-permanent parts.
Hmm, maybe you should make the pickup slide out the back, and fall into your hand.

Maybe, the pickup could could just snap in, and it would be wired into the guitar using little metal contacts.. I dont know.. seems like a great idea though.
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The pickup can slide in & out.

howlee shiat,that looks antique
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No, a Variax is something completely different. He means something like a modular power supply for your computer.

...where you can simply unplug unneded cables. Whereas in non-modular power supplies, all the cables are soldered to the power supply.

I think it's a great idea, and now that you mention, I wonder myself why it hasn't been done yet. I'd find it useful myself, just because I suck at stripping wires for soldering!
This is a great idea. If you make one im sure you would get a lot of money for it
well for one thing everything has to be soddered down and grounded so you don't get alot of noise
and thats why they make guitars that have singlecoils and humbuchers so you just flip a switch and you have a diff pick up

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