My band and I have been recording some songs on a 4 track tape recorder and they're coming along pretty nicely cept my drummers not mixing them right but I'm going to fix it this weekend. The first song we put up was a cover of "When I Come Around" and the second song was one of our songs. And lately we've been getting messeges about getting them copyrighted and stuff so how does a band go about doing that?
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A really cruddy way of copywriting stuff is to send it to yourself in the mail via US Postal service. Or you can record date, time, etc. etc. before you lay down the track.
Bascially, yeah. I guess the records of the postal service having it is copywriting it. Not sure how that works, but I know that's how you can claim something yours when someone ripped you off.
actually, all you have to do to copyright something is to put the copyright symbol at the bottom of a written piece or cover of a recording, then your name/band name, then the date/year. all sending it to yourself does is give you a form of proof of copyright. as soon as you put it in tangible form you have copyrighted it. as for copyright protection, the best way is to file it with the copyright section of the gov't.

for all your copyright answers either go to the gov't website about copyrights, or you can try this thread here.
The copyright forms are available through the Library of Congress website. You'll have to fill out the form, and send them a recording of the music you want to copyright and whatever the fee is. That's the best way to protect your copyright, hands down, even though jof is correct in that a copyright already exists, de facto, when you create an original piece (as long as you aren't violating someone else's copyright).
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to expand on the sending a recording to the government thing that dirk mentioned, its best to send a whole recording of an album. there is a fee for each copyright that you want, so copyrighting each and every song would be very expensive, but if you do a whole album at once then you only pay one fee. or at least thats what i remember learning in one of my classes. if you are really serious about this, then make sure you do some reading at the library of congress website so you do things correctly.