Written about one of my friends, who is currently struggling with drinking issues (she's 14), bulimia, cutting, all that great stuff that comes with being a teenager. <rolls eyes> I am completely over her "issues" and I didn't know what to do, so I wrote a song. Comment, leave a link or name, and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

With scars on her arms she faces me
"You don't know me, your life is fine"
And I do nothing as she vomits again
She's killing herself to stay alive
Drunk, she can't stand alone
Sober she's not too great either
Down on her knees begging me
"bring me home, I can die there"

And no one sees the pain she's in
She's broken and I can't fix her
She can't undo all of her sin
She's lost and no one can find her

Through veiled eyes she looks at me
"I don't know you, you're no one"
And as I watch she falls again
She needs to know she's someone
Asleep her eyes are closed unseeing
Awake they're still the same
Lying in bed she's silent now
"you didn't care, I give you the blame"


And she's ripped my heart out a million times
And all that she wants is to bleed
But somehow she must know that someone cares
Still she can't stay away from her need
And she needs a way to let it go
She needs to let her heart soar
If only she'd give up the darkness inside

CH again, leaving out the "and"

This hurt like hell to write... I swear she's gonna commit suicide or something. But maybe she'll make it, maybe she'll give cutting up, she'll save her own life. I hope.
generically emo. sorry about your friend though
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