I was just listening to "Into The Void" by Black Sabbath and there was a guitar break that seemed very familiar. So i went through my library and realized it was extremely close to the guitar break in "Whole Lotta Love" at about 3:05. I'd post a clip but my brother accidentally deleted "Into The Void" and i lent that CD to a friend. But you can check it out in the tabs.


[its Riff 5]


[Its the Guitar Solo]

While they may not be identical, i found them shockingly similiar. Comments And Opinions wanted.
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post a link to the song i cant just read the tabs and play it in my mind

re d.l them if ur bro deleted em. think man
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i saw the "riff 5" thing.

very common lick imo, i use it all the time and i play bass. i use that and/or variations of it for 60% of songs that i use a min pent or blues scale for.
Maybe I'm going mad, but looking at the tabs there is nothing similar about the parts you mention. Like someone else said, it's just the use of a scale, no rip off.
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Yeah they're really not that similar.
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They're not that similar, and what is with all the "THESE SONGS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO SIMILAR" threads lately?
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yeah, why is everyone so concerned with who ripped of who (unless it was the Kinks deliberately ripping off Jumping Jack Flash )? Just listen to the music.
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As it were, "Whole Lotta Love" is a rip off. I wouldn't be too obsessed with this.
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