okay i finished painting my guitar, rising sun style. if anyone would like some pics i'd be happy to bring some up.

i started spraying the finish on. i was just wondering whats a good spray for the clear finish? any recommendations on something i could buy off my local home depot or something.
i'm using something called rust-o-leum clear laquer finish. is that good enough? i hope it is, i bought like 3 cans. also, how many coats will do? i heard some go for 20, and for others, they go 40.
and can someone give me a bit of info on how wet sanding works? i bought some 2000 grit paper, now all i need is some info on how the heck i'm s'posed to use it.

thanks for the help.
Im sorry i have no ideo on the finish spray, but i would like to see some pics. What guitar do you have?
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id like some pics, and ive never done a guitar before but ive done thigns simiolar to it and so im gonna say 20.... and if you decide you want to do 40 afterwards, add 20 more
What sort of paint did you use for the design? read the label on the clear, what sort of paint is that?

With wet sanding soak the paper overnight in water. the water serves as a lubricant and a coolant to wash out any partiles doing any clogging and reduce the heat of sanding.
while sanding wash out the paper every 30 seconds.

here it is at 4 coats of the finish i'm using. the can says laquer, so i'm guessing it's laquer.

also, do you think i should paint the whole neck white? i just did the headstock. i'm gonna paint the knobs too.

it be a cheap k mart guitar
^There are many types of lacquer. eg acrylic, enamel, nitro etc.

imo it would look better with a natural neck.
Quote by dave293
^There are many types of lacquer. eg acrylic, enamel, nitro etc.

imo it would look better with a natural neck.

yup, thats what i've been debating with myself. i'll keep the neck natural, but it looks better with the headstock white.

the can says high lustre coating
contains toluene and petroleum distillates.
it says ultra-hard gloss finish.
i really can't tell what kind it is. if you're willing you could check at home depot or something. its rust-oleum specialty laquer high lustre coating.
it'll work, I used to stuff on my first paint job. Put on abotu 15 light coats, sand 400 grit inbetween every 3-4 coats. after 15 coats let is cure 2 weeks minimum, sand 1000 grit, 1200 1500 2000 each new grit takign out the previous grit's scratches. Use a rubbing compound, swirl remover, car wax, guitar polish.
^is 400 grit normal sandpaper or the wet sanding kind? if it's wet kind, do i just follow the way dave293 said it?
400 dry. teh 1000-2000 shoudl all be a wet sand though. And looking at those pics posted, I'd put on abotu 4-5 more layers, then sand flat wiht 400, be sure to watch if your sanding through.
also, this question has to do with the pots.
i think my guitar came with mini pots. i'm not sure, but they look pretty darn small.
the question is, do i have to stick with these size pots or could i buy normal sized pots?
if i go with the normals, will my old knobs fit?
whats the deal with these different sized pots anyway? whats the difference?