I've been downloading as many videos of bands preforming live and trying to kinda take some of each and try new things...

A guitar spin over the left shoulder is easy of course...


The coolest thing I've seen is when the Story Of The Year's guitarist spins it UNDER his right shoulder... I really want to try but I'm scared I'll hit myself in the damn head lol... I might just get a biking helmet from my brother and try it or something... but can anyone else give me good ideas for cool stage presence??

Thanks so much!
i know! learn to play really well, and develope your own stage presence. IMO stage presence is learned by experience, you can do the lame moves but if you cant get into the music, youll be like a zombie playing the guitar then all of a sudden you whip your guitar around your shoulders. If that doesnt speak pre meditated lameless, then i dont know what does.

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Actually there is an article on this site on how to do the under spin lol.. to sum it up, you need duct tape and practice (The tape makes the strap glide better)
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just keep moving, which entitles either running around like a madman, jumping, or just headbanging. and don't hesitate to fall on your knees and go nuts on the ground. basically just keep telling yourself that you're the guitar player and everyone's there to see you!
I will fuc
I personally think guitar spinning is really stupid..if you want some cool stage prescence tips, watch Jimi Hendrix playing or Angus Young (AC/DC)
^ to the angus young suggestion, if you watch some of family jewels, you'll see a lot of his best stuff. of course there's the whole thing where he plays on bon's shoulders, but my favorite was during rocker when he came out in a soccer uniform and kicked a ball around and then punted it into the audience. crowd participation is always good.
I will fuc
Go naked.

Wear a g string


Bra if you a guy

Flash them.

pretend you are screwing your guitar.
Dude, Just rock out. Headbang, jump around, run around. I have a wireless for my bass, and i have participated in circle pits more than once......Get the crowd into your zone, so they are rocking out with you. Stand there like a lame duck, and they will too.
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i've never played a gig (or with a band for that matter) but i think it goes without saying that your first gigs you'll probably not get into as much until you get the hang of it more.