Alright, I've got a Washburn dreadnought acoustic and a Godin SD electric, and I want to know where I should go from here. My birthday's coming up soon (11 days) and I've got $225 dollars to spend. My parents are willing to equal that for a guitar, or maybe pay a little more (they're big pushovers). So I've whittled it down to a standard Fender Strat, a standard Fender Tele, an Ibanez Artcore hollowbody (the AF75 to be exact), the Epiphone John Lennon acoustic-electric, and a special edition Epiphone SG with three humbuckers. What I play ranges from Bob Dylan to Nirvana to SRV, so I just want to know which guitar would be the best choice for taking the next step. My SD plays fine, but the humbucker is a little weak, and I only use the middle single-coil, which gives a nice Strat-esque tone, so its versatility for me is somewhat limited. However, I know I could just buy a pickup for my acoustic instead of buying a whole new guitar and then get a new electric. Basically, I just want to know what you guys think and if you have any more suggestions. I play absolutely no shred, so I wouldn't consider an RG or anything like that. Thanks a ton guys!
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Get the Strat its very versatile and its a ****ing nice guitar.
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just go to a guitar store and play all of those guitars and see which one you like best.

i don't know about the hollowbody but all of the other guitars mentioned could play those styles

but what amp do you have cause that affects your tone alot more than your guitar
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Does anyone know how goo a Squier Standard Fat Telecaster is?
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^ didn't know they made a fat tele, just the fat strat. not sure, but squier's are strange guitars. sometimes you get a real piece of **** and other times you can get a really quality guitar. you'd definitely have to play one first.

but as for my amp, all i've got now is a cube 30, so nothin' special there.
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nah thats alright better than an mg or something

well like i said before go to the Guitar shop and just play those guitars with the exception of the hollowbodies versatility isn't an issue
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alright thanks man, i should be able to get out to my shop later this week/weekend.
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