i have a jackson with a FR. i'm using standard tuning now, but i'm planning to get heavier strings and tune 1/2 or a whole step down (probably just 1/2 step down). i'm not sure which gauge i have right now, it's probably .009-.042 (still stock). i don't want the strings to be much tighter, maybe just a little bit. so which string gauge should i get with that tuning?
btw, this will be my first time to restring a FR so any tips are welcome...
10s or 11s. But listen man if you want a metal tone you need heavy strings, yeah? Don't be a f*cking wuss, just get used to big strings.
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if you wanted you could tune a semitone down with 9-42

but if you choose to get heavier strings get a guitar tech to show you.

and also don't go from 9's to like 14's you will struggle to bend the strings at all and you will probably bleed for about 2 weeks
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^^i actually WANT heavier strings. that's why i'm tuning lower. i've been playing acoustic for 10 months, i bought electric 4-5 weeks ago and i hate the feeling of light strings i got with the guitar after i got used to acoustic strings.
Get .013's and tune to Drop C, that's what I did, i went for .009 to .011 and will be going to .013s when my 11s break, but they are elixir, so it won't be anytime soon, i got the 11s a month ago