just wondering if im not the only one getting alot of fret buzz acousticly but when u plug it in u dont get any fret buzz
You just dont hear the fret buzz when you have it plugged...probably
it's ok as long as you don't hear it through the amp.
but if you really hate it that much, raise the action a bit...
well when i raised the action so i didnt get any fret buzz the low e string was half a centermeter away from the 12th fret its just to high
bro maybe your not fretting hard enough... are you a beginner coz wen i started i was getting buzzing because i wasnt pressing hard enough on my frets... its a normal thing to have occure
when does it buzz? on which frets?
edit: i think it's normal to have around 2 mm between the low E string and the 12th fret. that's what i have on my guitar.
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when i play it acousticly but i get a minamal amount of buzz whern i actully plug it in but it is still getting to me. i only get buzz on certain frets
i have adjusted the action before i noticed thisw problem but i never raised the action so the string 2 inches above the fret baord
if it's buzzing near the nut and when playing the strings open then it's probably your truss rod. it's too tight, so the neck is completely straight or back-bowed...
you mean upper like 12th, 15th, 17th?
do this check:
1 fret the low E on the 1st fret (use capo if you have it)
2 fret the low E on the fret where the neck meets the body (still fretting it on the 1st fret)
3 check out the 8th-9th fret. there should be a small gap (max 0.5 mm) between the fret and the low E string
if there's no gap the truss rod is too tight
if there's too much gap (more than a credit card thickness) it's too loose
ps thanks to jenny
yeh its like just missed the fret mabye i just have to low action because 0.5 is heeps off the fret board
ok i take that back i wacked a screw driver under the strings on the first fret to raise the action but still got buzz. so adjuswting this trust rod will change the angle of the neck. right?
no i don't have it. maybe you should wait for jenny to post. she'll explain everything better, she helped me when i had to do the same thing... if she doesn't show up, i'll try to help but later, i don't have time right now.
do the check i mentioned in post 13 to know if you really have to mess with your truss rod. if there is not enough gap or too much gap (more than a credit card thickness) then keep reading...
also be sure that your guitar is not tuned too low. if your string gauge is .009 or .010 then it's more likely the strings will buzz if you tune low (drop D or C).

ok, so first read this:

now that you've read it (if not, do it) you probably know what you should be doing.
if there's no gap you should loosen the truss rod.
if there's too much gap you should tighten it.
half of milimeter is usually considered as perfect neck relief (the gap i've mentioned) but it can vary a little depending on how you like it better.
now, to turn the truss rod nut you'll need an allen wrench.
turn the nut counterclockwise to loosen the trussrod (more gap) or clockwise to tighten (less gap).
check out the attached picture.
turn in small amounts, only 1/8 of turn, max 1/4 of turn. turn slowly and carefully.
if it seems too hard to turn don't do it yourself, you could break the truss rod, ask for proffesional help.
also remember to wait for around an hour between adjustements. it takes time for necks to adjust to new amount of tension and settle.
be careful and patient, it took me two days until i was completely satisfied with my setup...
if you're not sure what you're doing than you're better of taking your guitar to a proffesional.
if there's anything you don't understand or if i forgot to say something, just ask...
good luck!
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than that's exactly why you're having buzz, i had the same problem, my neck was also slightly back-bowed, so i had to loosen the truss rod.
the neck should be bowed a little but in opposite direction. loosening the truss rod will solve the problem. just be patient cause it'll probably take more than one adjustement (at least it was like that in my case).
So basicly towards the high e string

(sorry im getting confuced with this hole clockwise and anticlockwise thing because i was adjusting the truss rod in a different possition to the picture)
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i flipped thru the posts.

if u want to turn the nut Counter clockwise,
u look at the nut. picture the circle like its the face of a clock, and then turn the wrench a 1/8" turn, opposite direction that the second hand of a clock turns.

also, acoustic buzz isnt really a problem. ive got two guitars that give a little buzz when not plugged in.
if its going thru the amp, thats really bad buzz.

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iv made up my mind im going to get it done profetionaly because 1 time they said they would do it for free u might know the store billy hyde