alright, on a fender strat u can adjust intonation with strings on... but how do u do it on a les paul?? the bridge is in the way so do i hafta take out the strings adjust it intonation, put it back, tune back the strings, if still off, take it off, etc??
dude that site's les paul is wrong. the screws r supposed to be on the otherside... facin the butt of the guitar..
No they're not wrong..I've seen Les Paul's that have the screws facing the neck. (Epiphones though, dunno about Gibsons.)
dude... i've seen way more epiphone les pauls and gibson les pauls and sgs where the screws r facin the butt...
My TOM (although not on a Les Paul) has the screws facing the neck.

Actually I'm not sure if it really makes a difference, anyway...